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ModalityIQ Acquires The Machine Learning Conference

Richard Rivera

June 22, 2020

NEW YORK, NY, June 29, 2020 – ModalityIQ, a community-based knowledge sharing and learning platform, is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Machine Learning Conference (“MLconf”), a leader in serving the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence community.

Founded by Courtney and Shon Burton in 2012, MLconf has gathered thousands of members of the machine learning community to coalesce and share lessons learned through a series of 20+ conferences that showcase the latest innovations in machine learning tools, techniques and algorithms attracting Data Scientists, Machine Learning professionals and others who have a vested interest in ML/AI.

“Sharing lessons learned that help advance the ML/AI community is at the core of ModalityIQ’s mission and is why the acquisition of MLconf made sense for us,” said Richard Rivera, Founder & CEO of ModalityIQ.

“Courtney’s years of service and her dedication to providing a platform for the ML/AI community to share, learn, and inspire one another made her the obvious person for us to partner with. We look forward to working with her and the MLconf team to continue to facilitate the sharing of knowledge within the ML/AI community today and in the years to come.”

In addition to hosting annual conferences, MLconf also has a vibrant online presence through a
community blog and job board at, a monthly newsletter, and via social media in addition to a prolific YouTube channel with hundreds of videos highlighting current and past MLconf presentations.

“For some time, I’ve seen areas of opportunity for MLconf to further engage the ML/AI community and expand our focus to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and lessons learned and I believe partnering with ModalityIQ will help elevate and enrich our mission,” said Courtney Burton.

“ModalityIQ’s founding principle of fostering learning through collaboration is the same principle I founded MLconf on and I am excited to join the ModalityIQ team.”

Brian DeCicco from Berkery Noyes served as the exclusive financial advisor to MLconf.

About ModalityIQ
ModalityIQ is a community-based knowledge sharing and learning platform founded to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and know-how across the advanced and emerging technology landscape by providing an environment for exchanging ideas and inspiring open dialogue to advance technological capabilities and knowledge-gain in business and in people. For more information, visit

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