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Drawing on a Board
empowering personalized learning

Learn your way.

ModalityIQ is a learning platform that provides access to subject matter, community-based knowledge via all 4 core learning modalities allowing learners to gain knowledge by engaging in their preferred learning styles.


Most individuals have a preferred or set of preferred learning styles or modalities which for them fosters better concentration and comprehension resulting in a more personalized experience.


It is said that on average individuals remember 20% of what they read; 30% of what they hear; 40% of what they see; 50% of what they say; 60% of what they do; and 90% of what they see, hear, say and do.

Choose your path.


ModalityIQ provides a blended learning environment for both practical skills-based training, or “Know-How”, as well as lean back experiences, or “Know-Why”, to gain theoretical knowledge.


As an extension, “Know-What” elements, such as data, analytics, and insights, are included where applicable for more fact-based learning.


Our learning modules are variable in length and include short-take videos and information for rapid learning and deeper-dive ”knowledge series” modules for more immersive knowledge gain.

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